When purchasing a pair of shoes, most individuals pay attention to the way that the shoes look rather than paying attention to what the shoes can do for their health, even though healthy feet are incredibly important.

Think about it – your feet carry your body’s weight day in and day out, so it makes sense that you should make sure your feet are well taken care of and that they are protected with high-quality shoes, right? So, what makes a quality shoe? Well, the main thing is the material that the shoe is made out of. For example, leather is a material that is natural and breathable. Leather also has the ability to reduce the spreading of fungi and bacteria, regulate moisture and even eliminate foot odors.

Here are four reasons that you should invest in quality shoes:

Reason #1: Quality Shoes Help Regulate Foot Moisture

Your feet are stuck in your shoes all day long, which is not the best ventilated environment. Leather is one material that has the ability to absorb moisture and humidity thanks to its breathability.

In order to improve the absorption of moisture, your shoes need to be kept with wooden shoe trees. Wood has what is known as a hygroscopic property, which means that it has the ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, which gives it the capability of regulating humidity. In addition, wood helps to maintain moisture levels between 40 and 60 percent. This helps reduce the overall risk of infection and allergic reactions due to the reduction of the incidence of bacteria and mites.

Reason #2: Quality Shoes Help Prevent Foul Foot Odors

There are certain types of materials, especially synthetic, that will not allow your shoes to breathe. When this happens, the creation of fungi, bacteria and bad odors occur. So, when you choose shoes made of high-quality materials, you are essentially eliminating the production of foul food odors.

Reason #3: Quality Shoes Help Alleviate Foot Discomfort and Other Issues

Throughout the course of the day, your feet get a little wider – yes, it sound weird, but it’s true. So, because of this, narrow shoes can result in deformities with your toes in the form of pressure and rubbing. Therefore, you need to protect your feet by choosing to wear a high-quality shoe that will prevent friction and inflammation during the day.

Reason #4: Quality Shoes Help Save Money

When you choose high-quality shoes over poor-quality shoes, you can bet that your shoes are going to last a lot longer. If you take good care of your shoes, such as cleaning and protecting them, you will extend the life of your shoes. If you ensure that you have a couple of different pairs of high-quality shoes so that you aren’t wearing the same pair every single day – yup, you guessed it – they will last longer! When your shoes last longer, you are saving money, which is always a good thing.

If you need help finding a pair of good quality shoes that fit your individual lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact our staff at River Valley Comfort Shoes, as we are more than happy to help.