The Z-CoiL Shoes makes each step safer and softer. Unique replaceable conical coil design reduces impact up to 60%* more than conventional shoes. With impact as the primary cause of foot, leg and back pain, your body will notice an immediate difference. Each step feels easy, light and enjoyable. Your body will love the Z-CoiL Spring.

Adjustment Services

Free with any Z-CoiL shoe purchase.

Resoling Services

Repairs by a professional cobbler.

Parts Available

Check out our shop for parts.

Adjustment Services

Free with any Z-coiL shoe purchase from River Valley Comfort Shoes.

All Z-CoiL springs are adjustable.

The vast majority of consumers never need to adjust the Z-CoiL from the factory setting. In the factory setting the springs have more resistance on the outside of the foot, which helps facilitate a normal smooth walking gait from outside heel to big toe. For those customers that do need their Z-CoiL’s adjusted, River Valley Comfort Shoes in-house tech is available to adjust shoes for maximum comfort and support. Call 256-701-5937 or stop by our location for adjustment services.

Adjustment Rates for Z-Coil’s not purchased at River Valley Comfort Shoes
  • Current Customers receive FREE adjustments.
  • New Customers: $25 per pair
  • Shipping fees may apply

Resoling Services

All repairs are made by a local, professional cobbler.

Z-CoiL shoes are repaired in as little as ten days.
River Valley Comfort Shoes uses a reputable, local cobbler for resoling. Once the shoes are received by the shop, repair services are usually complete within 10 days. Vibram slip resistant half soles are used as replaced soles due to their more durable nature.  When we replace coils, the replacement coils are available in an open version, slip resistant sole or regular sole and a covered version, where the coil is inside a foam cover for safety issues, slip resistant or regular. Call 256-701-5937 to schedule your resole and repair.
Resole Rates for Z-Coil shoes
  • $75 per pair, includes a free pair of insoles ($20.00 value)
  • Shipping fees may apply

*See below for images of Original Collection Z-CoiL’s (9+ years old) after Resoling.


Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page or call 256-701-5937.


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