Having a bad shoe day can be a real pain. For most people, it is just a painful arch or a blister on their heel. It goes away by the next day or in a couple of days at the most. However, for individuals who have diabetes, the wrong footwear can lead to a bad shoe day that can lead to very serious foot-related problems, including irritation, ulcers, infections and possibly even amputation. Luckily, with the right shoes, all of this can be prevented.

What to Look for in a Diabetic Shoe

  • Velcro or Laces – While sandals and slip-ons may be great, these expose your heels and toes, which increase your risk for infection and injury. So, you need to look for a pair of shoes that have Velcro or laces. This will allow you to loosen or tighten the shoes based on how swollen (or not) your foot is.
  • Wide Toe – Try to stick with shoes that aren’t pointed or narrow at the toe. Instead, opt for a show with a wide – and possibly even round – toe. This gives you more room and reduces the chance of irritation.
  • Low Heel – While it’s okay to wear a high heel every now and again ladies, it is best to stick to low heels and flats. This helps to keep pressure off of the ball of your foot.
  • Softer Materials – Since the diabetes will cause your feet to swell, you need a soft fabric touching your feet that will give against the swelling. So, find a shoe that is made out of mesh, leather or some type of pliable synthetic material. Aim for something that’s breathable and won’t hold the moisture.
  • Cushioned Sole – Try to also find a shoe with good cushioning inside to help relieve some of the pressure that you’ll be putting on your feet. This helps to reduce the risk of sores, ulcers and other foot problems.

Here, at River Valley Comfort Shoes, we have several different options when it comes to diabetic comfort shoes. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and want to avoid foot-related injuries, browse our website or come by and see us and let us fit you with a pair of our comfort shoes.