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The Z-CoiL Spring makes each step safer and softer.  The unique replaceable conical coil design reduces impact up to 60%* more than conventional shoes.  And since impact is the primary cause of foot, leg and back pain, your body will notice an immediate difference.  Each step feels easy, light and enjoyable. Your body will love the Z-CoiL Spring.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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Until every step is painful, a person does not understand the value of really good quality shoes! Z-Coils have helped reverse 10 years of progressive osteoarthritis discomfort in both ankles, and by placing my Department of Veterans Affairs orthotic on top of the great Z-Coil arch support, my right knee and hip pain went away, too. Since first trying Z-Coils in 2004 my ankle “grinding” and pain is a distant memory. Thank you!

Don Dodson

I purchased my Z-Coil hiking boots in 2004 – I’ve replaced the heals once, but they’re still kicking. I’m on concrete 11 hours a day and these shoes are a life-saver. Not only do they perform as advertised, they are also a fantastic conversation starter. My pain relief occurred immediately; I have had many days where I could not have worked without wearing these wonderful shoes.



Whoever made Z-Coil needs to feel guilty of making such comfortable shoes….I can’t wear regular shoes anymore!!!  They are a little pricey, but they last long time, and I can really tell the difference (coil) when I do strenuous activities such as running or climbing.  I could not walk more than 20 minutes without any pain before finding about Z-Coil, but now I can walk for an hour with no pain.  My mother also loves them and travels all over the world with Z-Coil.  I am a teacher, and my students and colleagues are more interested in my shoes than what I teach….thanks to you Z-Coil!!

Akiko Tanaka

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