Drymax Diabetic Socks 1/4 Crew White


Drymax 6011 Diabetic 1/4 crew socks white

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Description: Drymax® diabetic 1/4 crew socks are designed so that circulation is not reduced and no marks are left on the leg during wear. Drymax® diabetic 1/4 crew socks contain a dual layer moisture removal system that keeps your feet dry by moving liquid such as sweat away from your feet. Water does not stick to the inner super hydrophobic layer and is repelled to the outer hydrophilic Drymax® layer creating a barrier that keeps moisture away from the surface of your skin so your feet remain dry and comfortable. Other socks rely on moisture wicking fibers that rely on the slow process of evaporation to dry and in the process keep your feet wet. Drymax® socks dry at the same speed as you sweat keeping your feet dry and comfortable at all times.

Features Include:

* Advanced 3D fit
* 5 Sizes to ensure the proper fit for your feet
* Seamless Insides
* Soft stretch leg
* High heel for increased protection
* MicroZap® Drymax® antimicrobial fibers for long term odor control
* Medium density padding for maximum comfort and protection without compromising the fit of your shoe

Care Instructions: Machine wash warm with like colors. Tumble dry low heat. To whiten use bleach alternative.

Drymax Sport Socks are Manufactured in the USA

Mad in the USA

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DM-L-fits-men 8.5-10.5, women 10-12, DM-M- Fits Men 6-8, Women 7.5-9.5, DM-XL fits Men 11 to 13


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