Z-Coil FP-KEC012 Enclosed Coils Black Rugged Outsole


The 1.0 enclosed spring system fits all Z-CoiL shoes that are made in Korea. This spring unit features a long-life off-road outsole with embedded mesh for added strength. This item is sold as a pair. See description below.


1.  This 1.0 enclosed coil fits all Korea made Z-CoiL Product.  If you are not sure this part will fit your shoe – please reference your shoe label to see where it was manufactured.

2.  The outsole has a thick off-road tread that holds up well in harsh environments.  This is our longest lasting outsole design.  The outsole has fiber mesh embedded into the rubber for added strength.

3.  The soft spring enclosure will last 1-2 years under normal conditions, however it will age prematurely when exposed to strong chemicals (used mainly in cleaning agents) or animal urine.

How to Replace:

Step 1.  Remove the insole from each shoe.

Step 2.  Below the insole is a “trap door.”  Lift up the door and unscrew the spring with a Phillips screwdriver.  Use caution not to strip the screw.

Step 3.  Install the left “L” spring on the left shoe, and the right “R” spring on the right shoe.

Step 3.   Tighten as much as you can without stripping the screw.

Additional information

Weight N/A

ZC-ENC-Mens 13-14, ZC-ENC-Mens 8 Womens 9, ZC-ENC-Mens 9 Womens 10, ZC-ENC-Womens 5 to 7, ZC-ENC-Womens 8, ZC-Mens 10, ZC-Mens 11, ZC-Mens 12


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