Z-CoiL Reviews

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking.

Until every step is painful, a person does not understand the value of really good quality shoes! Z-Coils have helped reverse 10 years of progressive osteoarthritis discomfort in both ankles, and by placing my Department of Veterans Affairs orthotic on top of the great Z-Coil arch support, my right knee and hip pain went away, too. Since first trying Z-Coils in 2004 my ankle “grinding” and pain is a distant memory. Thank you!
-Don Dodson

I purchased my Z-CoiL hiking boots in 2004 – I’ve replaced the heals once, but they’re still kicking. I’m on concrete 11 hours a day and these shoes are a life-saver. Not only do they perform as advertised, they are also a fantastic conversation starter. My pain relief occurred immediately; I have had many days where I could not have worked without wearing these wonderful shoes.

Whoever made Z-Coil needs to feel guilty of making such comfortable shoes….I can’t wear regular shoes anymore!!!  They are a little pricey, but they last long time, and I can really tell the difference (coil) when I do strenuous activities such as running or climbing.  I could not walk more than 20 minutes without any pain before finding about Z-Coil, but now I can walk for an hour with no pain.  My mother also loves them and travels all over the world with Z-Coil.  I am a teacher, and my students and colleagues are more interested in my shoes than what I teach….thanks to you Z-Coil!!
-Akiko Tanaka

I am pain-free while still recovering from surgery.  Now, I and my wife take daily walks without feeling the tightness in my back and her not feeling the weight of the twins.  THANK YOU Z-COIL!
-Shondon M.

I have not had my (Z-CoiLs) a month yet and I no longer have pain in my feet, legs or back.  Thank you so much, Mr. Gallegos, for your thoughts behind (as I call them) miracle shoes!
-Shonna F.

I’m 22 and was born with a bone disease called Leg Perthese disease. I suffer with severe hip pain. When I was five years old, the head of my femur had deteriorated…  force to learn how to walk all over again. I am now able to walk in comfort and on longer have to use my wheelchair or take pain medication.  I can spend the time needed with my three children.
-Amber R.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and, as a cancer survivor, my walking abilities were very limited.  Wearing my other shoe types resulted in more pressure on my feet and legs and I would be sore and tired by the end of a walk to the mail box. With Z-CoiL shoes my legs do not tire and my feet are not sore.  I walk lighter and swifter.  My steps are more rhythmic.
-Steve S.