When you take a step, your foot hits the ground with a force that is equal to two times your body weight. While some of that impact is absorbed, the majority of it is actually transferred. Where? Well, it is transferred directly from the heel of your foot to the ball of your foot. This is done to send you forward. Sometimes, it is transferred from your heel and up your legs to your spine. This is hard on your entire body, which is why you need to have shoes that offer full body support. Luckily, this can be found in Z-Coil shoes – shoes that are known to relieve pain and promote healing from injuries that are caused from impact.

What Exactly Is Meant by Full Body Support?

In order for a shoe to provide full body support, it must go above and beyond offering protection and cushion to the foot. You need to be able to feel this in the rest of your body, especially your spine. Here is how Z-Coil footwear makes this happen:

  • These shoes come with a spring-loaded heel that will compress about one inch (compared to about ¼ inch of most regular shoes) when your heel strikes the ground. This offers considerable impact reduction – as much as 60 percent – from your feet to your pelvis and lower back. This helps to relieve pressure on your nerves and joints, thereby reducing pain and preventing brand new injuries.
  • These shoes come with a built-in, specially-designed orthotic that helps to keep plantar ligaments stabilized. This will help to prevent plantar fasciitis. If this condition is already present, then the orthotic is an effective treatment and can help reduce pain.
  • These shoes are customizable, which means that the Z-coils can help correct supination and over-pronation, balance abnormal gaits, etc. This helps to get joints properly aligned, reliving tension and strain on muscles and tissues. Over time, this will help to improve your posture and encourage natural healing to occur.

If you are interested in learning more about Z-Coil shoes and how they can provide you with the full body support that you need to resume or maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, reach out to us here at River Valley Comfort Shoes.