Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear FAQ’s

What Size Shoe Should I Order If I Normally Wear Half Sizes?

Z-Coil doesn’t come in half sizes. However, the Z-Coil shoes do come with a 3mm shoe insert that makes up the ½ size. For example, if you normally wear an 8.5 size shoe, then you would want to purchase a size 9 Z-Coil shoe. Then, you would add in the 3mm shoe insert just beneath the primary insole.

Are the Z-Coil Shoes Stable?

One of the most popular things that our customers tell us that their Z-Coil shoes make them feel more stable as opposed to their standard shoes. The coil that is in the heel of these shoes is the shape of a cone, which allows it to compress straight down. As a result, it doesn’t tip and instead follows the path of least resistance. This flexible coil protects the ankle because it helps to absorb some of the surface deviations that are often felt during walking and running.

What Painful Conditions Can Z-Coil Shoes Help Alleviate?

There are some medical conditions that wearers of Z-Coil footwear may be able to experience significant pain relief from, including lower back pain, sciatica, metatarsal pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and arthritis.

How Soon Is It Until I Can Expect to Experience Results?

Many of our customers will experience immediate relief. Others can experience relief over a gradual period of time, which may be days or weeks. Some customers can enjoy complete relief of the pain that they are experiencing as they wear their Z-Coil footwear, while others will only experience partial pain relief. However, even those that achieve partial pain relief, they are often able to reduce how much pain medication that they’re able to take on a daily basis.

Will It Take a While for Me to Get Used to Wearing Z-Coil Shoes?

As a general rule, you will get used to wearing the shoes immediately. It may hours or a few days for others to get used to how the Z-Coil shoes feel. If this is indeed the case for you, it is recommended that you only wear the Z-Coil footwear for a few hours at a time as you can get used to the feeling of the shoes. You can gradually increase the amount of time that you wear the shoes as you become more and more comfortable in them. Keep in mind that it is completely normal to experience a bit of tenderness and soreness in your legs as you getting used to them during the initial few weeks. This is because of the increased mobility that the Z-Coil footwear provides. However, if you do continue to experience discomfort or pain in your feet, ankles, back, hips, or knees while wearing your Z-Coil shoes, take them off and return them for an adjustment.

Is It Possible for Something to Get Caught in the Coil?

Because the coil is open, it is possible for loose materials or small rocks to sometimes get caught in it. However, all it normally takes is a simple shake to remove them. It is recommended to extra cautious around wires, cords, hoses as well as chairs with rungs, as all of these may get caught in the coil.

Is It Possible for Me to Drive with Z-Coil Shoes on?

Yes, there is no reason that you cannot drive with Z-Coil footwear. However, we do urge you to be cautious with the coil and ensure that it doesn’t get trapped on the pedals or the floor mat inside the car. Also, the thick cushioning that Z-Coil shoes have could impact the feel that you have for the pedals, so you may want to move your driver’s seat back about an inch to help compensate for that cushioning. If you ever feel unsafe while driving in your Z-Coil shoes, remove them and wear different shoes.

Is It Possible to Wear My Z-Coil Shoes While Playing Sports?

Many of our customers have reported that they wear their Z-Coil footwear while walking, hiking, running, playing golf, and other activities; however, we don’t necessarily recommend them for certain sports, such as tennis – a sport that requires drastic lateral movements. Ultimately, you are the judge of how you feel in Z-Coil shoes and if they’ll work for you in the sport that you want to play.

Can Custom Orthotics Be Used with Z-Coil Footwear?

Absolutely. In fact, the Z-Coil shoes make the perfect footbed for them. A professional Z-Coil fitter will make certain that your prescription orthoses fit properly in your shoes. In some cases, your prescribing doctor may be able to work side-by-side with the fitter to enhance the overall performance of your orthotics that much further.

Are Z-Coil Footwear High Heels?

No, they are not. When the heel is uncompressed, it is actually approximately half an inch higher than a cushioned forefoot. When the coil is compressed (about 1/8 to ¼ inch), the heel is almost level or possibly a hair higher than your forefoot. This slight heel rise can be beneficial to many people, as it helps them to achieve a more erect posture. When it doesn’t, the coils are adjustable to a lower heel height that can be more effective.

How Long Do Z-Coil Shoes Tend to Last?

While the steel coils can literally last a lifetime, the rubber heel pad will last anywhere from six months to two years when put through normal use. However, individuals that put their shoes through heavy and hard use may only get three months or so out of their rubber heels pads, and those that go easy on their shoes can easily get several years out of the pads. Luckily, even when the pad is worn out and done with, you don’t need to buy a brand new pair of shoes. Instead, for a nominal fee, you can replace the heel pad at a Z-Coil distributor.

I Noticed Some Shoes Have Heel Covers; Why Aren’t They All This Way?

We have an Enclosed Heel System (ECS) that is standard on a couple of our styles, such as the Z-Walker Safety Toe and Z-Duty Work Boot. The ECS can be used on other styles as well. Ultimately, the ECS was designed to due to safety concerns in the workplace, as there are many work-related environments where the open coil could get caught on objects. The foam material encases the coil and reduces its capability of absorbing shock, which creates a bit of a stiffer coil, although this actually is useful for many in the workplace who need to pick up heavy objects.

There Isn’t a Z-Coil Distributor Near Me, So Can Z-Coil Shoes Be Ordered Online or On the Phone?

Of course! We have been offering phone and internet sales since August 2010 because of our customers. We still think that customers need an in-person, personalized fit in order to get maximum pain relief and the most out of the Z-Coil shoes; however, when you can’t visit a store near you, the internet and phone is the next best thing. We have a series of questions that we ask to make the experience as helpful as possible and will make adjustments to the Z-Coil footwear before shipment. We offer a 30-Day, Risk-Free Trial Period. Call us at (256) 701-5937.

Where Are Z-Coil Footwear Manufactured?

Z-Coil Footwear has its main headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and this is where the Z-Coil products are designed and engineered. The products are manufactured in the United States, China and South Korea. Initially, Al Gallegos tried to find someone in the United States to manufacture his unusual footwear, but he was unable to find someone that took him seriously. The intention is to move all footwear parts to the U.S. for manufacturing; however, we figure that some parts will always be built outside of the U.S. Our current Asia manufacturing partners produce high-quality shoes for some of the most well-known shoes brands in the United States.

Are Z-Coil Shoes Covered by My Insurance?

Since Z-Coil shoes are designed to relieve pain and incorporate a medical-grade orthotic, it may be possible for you to get a prescription from your healthcare professional and receive some reimbursement on your purchase from your insurance company. Check with your insurance company to see if prescription orthotics are covered. You may even check with your HR Department to see if they have a reimbursement program for safety or workplace shoes. Some Z-Coil distributors will accept FSA cards with the prescription from your doctor, which will allow you to use the store receipt and your prescription as validation for the medical-related expense.

Can I Jump Higher with Z-Coil Shoes?

Unfortunately, you won’t jump higher, but the shoes will help you land softer.